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In 1911 Fredric Fenger built the world's only Yakaboo
sailing canoe. He sailed it from Grenada throughout the
Caribbean Islands, finishing his trip at the Virgin Islands.
After returning from his adventures, Fenger wrote a
book called "Alone in the Caribbean".

The name Yakaboo is a word meaning "goodbye", used
when Ellice Islanders drop something overboard. The
Yakaboo is a covered canoe with a drop keel that can be
slid fore and aft to help maintain a straight course. This
is necessary because the boat does not have a rudder
and instead steering relies entirely on the set of the
sails and the position of the keel.

Fenger gave the Yakaboo to his friend Dr. Blatchford
of Kensington Point. The canoe was later acquired by
Mr. Barrett Scudder from Campement D'Ours Island,
who donated the canoe to the Bruce Mines Museum.

Yakaboo Canoe

The Yakaboo Canoe

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