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The Mechanics Institute Library was the first library for the Bruce Mines area.  
It was established in the museum during the 1860's.  The collection was
developed to meet the needs of the local mining and agricultural
community.  In the 1960's, the Town of Bruce Mines and
Plummer Additional Township created a by-law forming
the Union Public Library.  Johnson Township joined
forces in the mid 80's by becoming a contracting
municipality.  The library was housed
in the local public school.  The collection
had expanded to include children's books
and a variety of fiction and non-fiction material. 
In 1993, the Library Board was successful in
obtaining funding to build a new facility to house
the collection. 

Since that time, the Bruce Mines and Plummer Additional Union Public Library has enjoyed the new building and worked on expanding the collection.  Today the library houses a collection of over 10,000 books.  Most of the readership enjoys fictional material; however, with the addition of electronic data bases, the Internet, and eBooks, the local library is able to meet a variety of needs within the community.  Industry Canada CAP funding has ensured the Library has modern computers for public use.  A recent addition to our technology is an Internet wireless connection. 

The Library has become the hub of the community, often taking the lead in funding initiatives.  In 2006, the Bruce Mines and Plummer Additional Union Public Library was awarded the prestigious Minister of Culture's Award of Innovation for the creation of the Historical Indexing Project.  As technology changes and the need for accurate and current information increases, the Library continues to strive to ensure it is providing the services and the information necessary to help grow our community.

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Due to Covid-19 the Library is currently closed. A kerbside service is, however, available Tuesday and Thursday between 12pm and 2pm.

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