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This doll house was brought from England to Canada by
Lord Percy Douglas, the 9th Marquess of Queensbury.
The Douglas family came to Bruce Mines about 1896
when Lord Percy assumed management of the mines.
The mines did not prosper at this time and the family
moved back to England a few years later.

Little is known about Dorothy, the original owner of
the doll house, but when she returned to England, she
left the doll house to her best friend, a little girl in the
Prout family. The Prouts later donated the doll house
to the Bruce Mines museum.

The doll house is quite remarkable for its workmanship
and detail. Actual candles in the miniature candlestick
holders, Afghan fur on the dogs, tiny print on the
newspaper and porcelain dolls all add to the charm
of this lovely piece.

Dolls House

Dolls House

A view of two of the Rooms in the Dolls House

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