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Council meets the 1st and 3rd Monday of every month except if a holiday falls on the Monday, in which case the meeting is held on the Tuesday.


Agendas for up and coming Council Meetings will be posted here as soon as they are available. To view the agenda simply click on the link (where available).

NOTICE:  February 20/18 and March 19/18 Agendas will include amendments to the Procedural By-law and the By-law to Establish Fees and Charges.

20th February 2018


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Minutes of the previous 12 months meetings are listed below.

16th January 2017
13th February 2017
6th March 2017
20th March 2017
3rd April 2017
17th April 2017
1st May 2017
15th May 2017
5th June 2017
19th June 2017
17th July 2017
14th August 2017
18th September 2017
2nd October 2017
16th October 2017
6th November 2017
20th November 2017
11th December 2017

Copies of "minutes" prior to the above are available from the town office.

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