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The Chamber has been in operation since 1894 but was previously known as the Board of Trade. Since then the Chamber has been helping the community to celebrate various events, helping local businesses to market themselves and supporting various community changes to make Bruce Mines a better place to live.

In addition to helping local businesses, the Chamber has also recognized demands for products or services in the area and helped to either raise money, or the man-power required, to ensure that these services be implemented.

The Chamber was incorporated in 1984 and since then has had a board of directors, president, vice-president, treasurer and secretary.

Mission Statement

To promote and improve trade, commerce, economic, civic and social welfare of the district served by this organization.

Catchment Area (Supported Area)

The Chamber's catchment area is from Gordon Lake Road (Portlock) to the West, Braniff Road to the East, French and McKay Islands to the South and Primeau Lake to the North. However, businesses and residents from other areas are also welcome to join.


President: Mike Peever (705) 785-9935
Secretary: Larry Peterson (705) 785-3144
Meetings: 1st Tuesday of every month at 8:00 am at the BM&PA Library.

Information courtesy the Bruce Mines' Chamber of Commerce

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